2. Header Setup

11 May 2021

Your header.md will traditionally serve as the navigation bar for the site. It should contain links to all the pages you'd like people to visit.

This is what this site's header looks like:

<rss-description>This is where I write about blogging with Zoner!</rss-description>

+ [Home](./index.html)
+ [Archive](./archive.html)
+ [About](./about.html)

<!-- -->

+ [RSS](./feed.xml)


Zoner adds the .html at the end of links automatically, so you don't have to worry about them when writing a link. Any other file extensions, like .xml or an image, have to be explicit though.

A quick Markdown overview:

The <zone> tag is where your metadata will exist for generating an RSS feed and for appending a Disqus to your posts.

The available tags are:

A <zone> is not necessary if you don't want an RSS or Disqus.