1. Zone Structure

12 May 2021

A Zone is just a folder containing all the data for Zoner to build your website.

The minimum site structure is as follows:


(Posts are actually optional)

The index.md will be built as your index.html and serve as the homepage/root of your site.

header.md and footer.md are appended to the top and bottom of every page respectively. Your header can contain additional info for styling the metadata of your site, more on that in the next post.

style.css is the default style applied to your entire site. More on that in the 'Theming' post.

Your images have to go in the /images folder, you can also put any other assets in here, like javascript you want to reference.

To create a new page, like an about page, is as easy making a new text file in your root-directory and giving it a name, like about.md. Zoner will build each file in your root directory to its own html page.

Additionally, you don't have to use Markdown to write your posts; you may use raw html instead if you prefer, just don't include a or tag.